Mexico: We Have Arrived!

I cannot believe I am about to say this: I am in Mexico. Or should I say Estoy en Mexico. I’m going to stop there with the Spanish because it’s honestly about all I know (I won’t be able to say that after a month, huh?). WE are in Mexico! First and foremost, I owe a big thanks to the Center for International Education and the amazing Dr. Cook for this opportunity. And even though he might never even see this, I would like to thank the pilot at Delta Airlines for getting us here safely. Now, I am sitting on my bed in my room upstairs in the beautiful home of my Mexican host family. We have only just met, but I already know that they are amazing people. I look forward to spending every day here with them and having them change my lives. I should try to go to sleep, but the excitement I feel at being in such an amazing place might interfere with that. Tomorrow is a big day: we have to go to the university where we will study for the next month in order to take placement tests and to get ourselves familiarized with the city. I can’t wait to see what Mexico has in store for us. Buenas noches! 


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