Has It Really Only Been Five Days?

We’ve only been here four days, but we’ve done so much already! It feels as though we’ve been here a month. Whether it’s visiting the cathedrals, climbing mountains, traveling to the outskirts of the city, or just walking through the streets, it seems there is no end to the things we have to do. Saturday, we visited La Catedral de Cuernavaca. ImageUnfortunately, my camera decided to die as soon as I got inside, and I didn’t have any extra batteries, so if you have never visited Cuernavaca, Mexico, this is the most you will see of La Catedral. Yesterday (Sunday), we took a 30-minute bus ride to Tepotzlan, one of the magical towns of Morelos. It is inhabited by the indigenous people whose generations have been there for many centuries. The Tepozteco Mountain there is very famous, and half of us chose to climb it. ImageImageCan you imagine climbing this? I can. Because I did. 🙂 There were students who climbed all the way up, but alas, I was not able to.

ImageThis is half-way up the mountain, where my journey came to an end. After coming down from the mountain, I walked through the streets of Tepotzlan. There is no end of things that are available for purchase, and it’s easy to get lost in the handicrafts.


After walking through the streets, some students chose to return to Cuernvaca. Others, like myself, wanted to tour the city a little more before returning home. It’s a little strange how we’ve began to associate Cuernavaca as our home. Our host families are amazing, and after a long day of touring the cities of Mexico, it feels wonderful to be able to come back to such a warm environment with truly special people. They help us with our Spanish, they look out for us, and they feed us very well. Image

Speaking of food… it’s time to go eat now!


2 thoughts on “Has It Really Only Been Five Days?

  1. It looks amazing! Glad you are enjoying yourself.

  2. Hey Girlie, I am enjoying your updates……..keep them coming!
    The places you are sharing seems to be very nice. Glad you hear that you are enjoying yourself. Does your Mom have your banking information?

    Take care, and we love you!
    p.s. Keith said he MISSES you. He is attending the Coca-Cola Space Science Center this week. (he wanted me to share that with you)

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