Cuetzalan: Pyramiding and Cave Digging

As a part of its rich history and culture, something that you can count on finding throughout all of Mexico are the different pyramids of different indigenous groups. Whether they are from the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Toltecas or other cultures, Mexico is home to over hundreds of pyramids spread throughout the country and the Yucatan peninsula. This morning, we visited such pyramids in a small town outside of Cuetzalan.

Something interesting about these pyramids (and a few more pyramids in Mexico): when you stand directly in front of the pyramids and clap your hands, the calling sound of the quetzal, the now extinct bird which once heavily populated the town for which it is now named, can be heard. To this day, no archaeologists or historians have been able to learn the reason behind this phenomenon.

After having an amazing guide give us a tour and explanation of the importance of the pyramids, we returned to town where we ate lunch and rested at the hotel for a bit. At three o’ clock, it was time for something amazing: CAVE DIGGING! It was a voluntary activity, and ONLY the girls were brave enough to do it. Divas, indeed! Here I am with my hardhat and flashlight ready to explore underground.

After everyone had their assorted things gathered and their pants legs rolled up (it was wet in the cave), we walked across the field, descended some steps, and made our way to the world beneath ours. 

A baby carved into the cave wall.

We explored the caves for what I estimated to be more than two hours, climbing rocks and descending stairs, getting wet and getting dirty. But none of that is important because we had such a GREAT time!


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